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Smart logistics: high efficiency, high accuracy, high stability, super fast delivery

Geek+ Smart Logistics solution is developed based on the Intel platform and Microsoft Azure cloud technology, use its outstanding intelligent Picking, Sorting, Moving and other AMR robots, deeply adapted to industry software systems' that customer use, and uses AI algorithms for large-scale and complex scheduling, optimize and big data intelligence to improve system efficiency.

Geek+ subverts pain points in traditional logistics such as high management cost, low efficiency, difficult management. It uses smart logistics to double the efficiency and accuracy of selection, greatly reduces labor consumption, and ensures accurate, stable and efficient 7x24 hours operation. Geek+ has helped many industry leaders on successful intelligent transformation of logistics globally across industries in e-commerce, fashion and FMCG, offline sales, medicine, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

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Join this webinar to learn:

  • 英特尔和微软在物联网方面的深度合作
  • 基于英特尔平台的极智嘉云-边-端协同AMR方案
  • 基于微软Azure技术的极智嘉 RaaS 方案
  • 极智嘉六大物流解决方案:智能高效,灵活快速部署,高投资回报

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