Connecting Smart Cities with AAEON Intelligent RSU

Intelligent Edge Webinar Series

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IoT solutions for smart cities

AAEON is leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud services to deliver end-to-end IoT solutions to power Smart Cities. By utilizing the infrastructure already in place with Intelligent Street Lighting, cities can provide a wide range of services through a system of interconnected IoT devices. These devices can provide an array of benefits such as implement city-wide Wi-Fi coverage or monitor air quality and traffic. AAEON’s IoT solutions connect edge to cloud with off-the-shelf products which can easily deploy for any RSU scenario.

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Join this webinar to learn

  • The need for IoT applications to help build smart cities
  • How AAEON is delivering total solutions to meet the needs of this vertical market
  • How AAEON is leveraging Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • AAEON's commitment to help make Smart City solutions a reality

Learn more about AAEON and their IoT solution

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