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City street with lights

AAEON Intelligent Streetlights

Improve energy efficiency


Smart mirror creating digital face graphs

Active Customer Intelligence Suite

Achieve the store of the future, today

By Beabloo

Doctor and patient at Citizen Care Pod

Citizen Care Pod

Smart, portable health screening and testing​

By PCL Construction, Insight

Logistics hub with containers and freight

Connected Logistics Platform

물류 공급망의 가시성 확보

By Arrow

Digital signage screens at hotel lobby

Digital Signage

Empower employees and engage customers using Digital Signage

By L Squared Digital Signage

Man running warehouse robot

Equipment Edge Connectivity Solution

모든 IoT 장치 연결 및 관리

By 어드밴텍

Maintenance engineer taking notes near a grid


Simplify Compliance and Reduce Risk​

By ELM FieldSight

Monitoring supply chain through tablet device

Fleet Management

운송수단 추적 및 관리 최적화

By QuEST Global

Thermal fever detection in crowds


Detect fever in crowds

By iOmniscient

IoT based digital restaurant table

Interactive Restaurant Technology

Revolutionary digital ordering

By KodiSoft

Predictive maintenance of machines


Condition monitoring​ and predictive maintenance​

By ActionPoint

AI based video monitoring at construction site

Linker Vision AI

Improve industrial worker safety with video and AI​

By Linker Networks

Manufacturing unit

MCM-100 DataConnect Pro

IoT solution that helps manufacturers of any size

By Adlink

Smart digital screen at retail outlet

Ombori Grid

Digital experiences in physical spaces

By Ombori

License plate detection among cars on highway

Parking Entry-Exit Monitoring

Monitor parking entry/exit with license plate photos​

By Uncanny Vision

Engineer with tablet in a factory

Predictive Service Hub

Create safer workplaces with real-time visibility​

By Hitachi Solutions

Geek+ smart robot in warehouse

Smart Logistics

Comprehensive solutions for smart logistics

By Geek+

Smart connected city

Smart Spaces

Helping cities and organizations become safer and smarter

By Hitachi Vantara

People working at office space with large transparent windows

Smart Windows

Improve workplace health and productivity​

By View

Smart machine picking strawberries in farm

Smart meat processing

Using AI to track meat from paddock to plate

By Lumachain

Mid aged manager and young factory worker looking at tablet

SpringBoard Industrial IoT System

Start faster, go further with IoT

By Bright Wolf

Monitoring factory performance on a tablet screen

Spyglass Connected Factory

Bring the power of AI to your factory floor

By Mariner

CCTV for surveillance


스마트 연결 비디오 보안 감시

By 이노뎁 (Innodep Inc.)

AI detection at retail store


Create the retail store of the future

By WonderStore

Smart building

XiO Cloud

Shape the ​Smart Workplace​

By Crestron

Smartphone screen with smart home controls inside a living room

i-BEMS Smart Building Solution

Intelligent building experience management system

By L&T Technology Services

Azure 인증 장치

Azure 인증 장치

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