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Smart Windows

Improve workplace health and productivity​

Improve workplace health and productivity​

View Smart Windows helps you optimize your buildings for health, productivity, and appeal with self-tinting glass. Custom AI algorithms, Azure Stack Edge and Intel Xeon processors analyze location, surrounding buildings, sun position, weather and user preferences to let in more daylight, reduce glare, and create a stronger connection to the outdoors.​
Improve workplace health and productivity​

I never feel disconnected from nature. I can see the mountains. I can see the ocean. Even the city view is nice. So I really feel like I'm a part of the community rather than being disconnected in a building that's dimly lit, that feels honestly like a dungeon.​

MiMi Peace
HR, American Savings Bank​

Start improving your operation with IoT​

  • Learn more about View Smart Windows at www.view.com

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