Enabling Real-Time Visibility for your Supply Chain Operations

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Real-time visibility solutions

As global supply chains face unprecedented challenges and demands, C.H. Robinson has developed a real-time visibility solution that helps companies deliver their products to customers on time. Using data science, AI, and machine learning, Navisphere® Vision helps shippers track, monitor, and react to supply chain disruptions on a global scale. Through a collaboration between C.H. Robinson, Microsoft, and Intel, supply chain professionals gain access to advanced monitoring and tracking capabilities. Navisphere Vision’s integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Central and Intel IoT devices monitor and alert users when shipments are impacted by shock, tilt, humidity, light, temperature, or pressure.

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Join this webinar to learn

  • How IoT connectivity is helping to address the challenges of today’s global supply chains
  • How this collaboration between industry leaders is accelerating solution development and deployment at scale
  • How shippers can gain better visibility and business intelligence to make smarter decisions and build a competitive advantage
  • Why supply chains of the future will need to digitally transform and leverage advanced capabilities like AI and predictive analytics

Learn more about C.H. Robinson and Navisphere

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