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Defend your business against ransomware and cyberattacks

The average ransomware paid in 2021 surging to $570K with 171% YoY. As more critical infrastructure features IoT connectivity, every single one of these endpoints also represents a potential access point for malicious hackers. Advantech IT/OT total security provides edge-to-cloud security by integrating multiple Azure security services, Acronis backup and McAfee white-listing to comprehensively protect your vital data. This webinar will explore the benefits the inclusion of Edge Intelligence in IoT solutions brings for solution optimization and security.

We will discuss how Edge Intelligence can add the flexibility to update your solution architecture as it matures and the key role that it plays in providing protection and recovery functionality in a world where malicious attacks are increasingly being focused away from standard IT solutions and into the OT environment.

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  • The security risks being faced
  • Where ‘Total Security’ provides the answers
  • Advantech IT/OT total security

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