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Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Learn how Intel and Microsoft are using the value of the intelligent edge and leveraging the Factory AI tool in real time to build smarter factory floors, warehouses, and manufacturing environments.

Intelligent Manufacturing A variety of use cases are enabled with the combination of cameras, the Factory AI app, and local Azure Stack Hub or Azure Stack Edge powered by Intel Xeon processors for local inferencing within the factory. The data can connect into the Azure public cloud for further analytics. Cameras detect if the correct part is being used Part confirmation Cameras count the number of boxes as they are delivered and taken away Counting parts Cameras can detect when an employee uses the wrong tool Tool detection Cameras recognize when defected products are created Defect detection Camera sensors detect when employees stand too close to the machines Machine and employee safety Cameras can notify employees when machines are not working correctly Machine alignment

Learn how insanely easy Vision AI can enable real time insights for Manufacturing

Integration of cameras into factory floors, warehouses and retail environment can bring immediate and actionable insights. The new Factory AI tool makes the integration of vision analytics easy and seamless. With a few basic inputs, any factory floor or business can enable real time insights across a variety of use cases. Hear from Intel and Microsoft experts on the value of intelligent vision and how to get started.


Logistics hub with containers and freight

Connected Logistics Platform

Gain Visibility Into Supply Chain Logistics​

By Arrow

Man running warehouse robot

Equipment Edge Connectivity Solution

Connect and manage all your IoT devices

By Advantech

Maintenance engineer taking notes near a grid


Simplify Compliance and Reduce Risk​

By ELM FieldSight

Monitoring supply chain through tablet device

Fleet Management

Optimize Fleet Tracking and Management​

By QuEST Global

Predictive maintenance of machines


Condition monitoring​ & predictive maintenance​

By ActionPoint

AI based video monitoring at construction site

Linker Vision AI

Improve industrial worker safety with Video and AI​

By Linker Networks

Manufacturing unit

MCM-100 DataConnect Pro

IoT solution that helps manufacturers of any size

By Adlink

Smart city and buildings

MindSphere City Graph

Smart, connected city infrastructure​

By Siemens

Cargo plane flying over logistics containers

Navisphere Vision

Get omnichannel inventory and supply chain visibility

By C.H. Robinson

Woman engineer walking inside factory shopfloor

Predictive Maintenance

Make factories smarter and more efficient

By Neal Analytics

Engineer with tablet in a factory

Predictive Service Hub

Create Safer Workplaces with Real-Time Visibility​

By Hitachi Solutions

Yellow machine operating inside factory

Production Yield Optimization

Optimize control processes in changing environments

By Neal Analytics

Mid aged manager and young factory worker looking at reports

Smart Industrial Operations

Improve equipment health to optimize operations

By Insight

Geek+ smart robot in warehouse

Smart Logistics

Comprehensive solutions for smart logistics

By Geek+

Smart connected city

Smart Spaces

Helping cities and organizations become safer and smarter

By Hitachi Vantara

Mid aged manager and young factory worker looking at tablet

SpringBoard Industrial IoT System

Start faster, go further with IoT

By Bright Wolf

Monitoring factory performance on a tablet screen

Spyglass Connected Factory

Bring the Power of AI to Your Factory Floor

By Mariner

CCTV for surveillance


Smart Connected Video Surveillance​

By Innodep Inc.