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The healthcare industry has fast tracked telehealth solutions with increased safety measures, and one key part of this effort is through Remote Patient Monitoring. Learn how Intel and Microsoft are working to reduce in-person visits to boost patient convenience and healthcare efficiency.

Clinicians are empowered with remote diagnostics and screening while they take notes on their laptop. Enabled by Microsoft Surface Studio + Intel Core Processors and Azure Stack Edge Clinicians at the hospital Enabled by Microsoft Surface Go + Intel Core Processors Patients are monitored from the comfort of their own home with real-time feedback from the care team. Continuous patient monitoring at home Enabled by Azure Stack Edge and Intel Xeon Processors Clinicians are empowered with remote and continuous screening from the patients’ homes, merged with clinicians’ notes for real-time analytics and diagnostics. Real-time patient care and analysis at the clinic Clinicians can enhance care by integrating Azure services and sending data back from the edge to the cloud when necessary. Enabled by Azure Services, Logic apps, Microsoft Teams, and Dynamics 365 Enhanced care delivery and collaboration Enabled by FHR Server OSS running on Azure Stack Edge With the availability of FHIR server on Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge, customers who need to keep their data on-premises can do so, making the adoption of intelligent healthcare easier. Reimagined healthcare with a secure platform Intelligent Healthcare Azure Stack Edge machine with local processing and ML/AI inferencing Ingest data Azure IoT edge modules

Remote Patient Monitoring: Sharing a blueprint to enhance patient care and safety

Enhancing patient care starts with comprehensive information and personalized treatment. Combined with increased safety measures, the healthcare industry has fast tracked telehealth solutions. One practice is Remote Patient Monitoring, which reduces in-person visits, boosts patient convenience and provider efficiency. In this session, we will look at Telehealth trends, and share a remote patient monitoring blueprint enabled by Microsoft and Intel.

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