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Smart meat processing

Using AI to track meat from paddock to plate

Using AI to track meat from paddock to plate

Lumachain fixes the broken links in global food supply chains. Its various modules use a combination of computer vision-based AI, IoT devices, algorithms and blockchain to track and trace in real time the origin, location and condition of individual items in the food supply chain. The platform also transforms safety, training and operations inside food processing and distribution facilities.

Lumachain has also developed a prototype smartphone app, based on Microsoft PowerApps, which displays details about the meat’s journey from paddock to plate – explaining the product, its provenance, the processor, and its journey, providing end-to-end transparency.

Using AI to track meat from paddock to plate

With this trial, we have shown how, using state-of-the-art technologies, it is possible to collect critical data at every stage of the supply chain and provide certainty to all stakeholders. For example, we can help Australian producers showcase the top quality, ethically and sustainably produced beef they provide to both domestic and international markets. Our platform helps increase sell-prices, reduce waste and improve shelf-life, safety and quality, right through the supply chain.

Jamila Gordon
CEO, Lumachain

Transparency to global food supply chains

  • Learn more about Lumachain's solution at https://lumachain.io/