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i-BEMS Smart Building Solution

Intelligent building experience management system

Intelligent building experience management system

Based on L&T Technology Services’ (LTTS) deep expertise in smart buildings and Microsoft Azure cloud innovations, i-BEMS unifies and optimizes building operations under one system.

The fully integrated platform uses advanced energy analytics and fault diagnostics with Azure services like Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure Functions, and Azure Cosmos DB. You can host i-BEMS in any private or public cloud and connect to any building or enterprise system to provide a full and seamless digital end-user experience.

i-BEMS fully integrates the four major aspects of a smart building as a digital twin. It’s protocol-agnostic, highly customizable and scalable—with an open ecosystem for third-party integrations.

  • Digital experience
  • Facility optimization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Workplace safety

Intelligent building experience management system
Bridging digital and physical spaces
Bridging digital and physical spaces

Bridging digital and physical spaces

In Bangalore, India, Intel built a 10-story, 630,000 square-foot office building. The company wanted better control of energy and water systems, a mobile cubicle model to accommodate more employees, and more comfortable building temperatures for employees.

More than 9,000 sensors were installed and 10 systems integrated to track and optimize temperature, lighting, energy consumption, and occupancy—using 24/7 real-time data for analytics and actionable insights. It resulted in 35% energy savings per year and 83% improvement in worker productivity.

Enhancing smart spaces