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Active Customer Intelligence Suite

Achieve the store of the future, today

Achieve the store of the future, today

Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS) integrated digital solutions allow businesses to communicate with in-store customers, analyze their behavior, and create personalized and automated experiences. ACIS features cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, and covers the entire retail customer journey - from awareness to purchase and loyalty.

Based on our existing technologies and responding to the new reality of COVID-19, we have created a new solution, Interaction Care. It uses a unique combination of technologies to help our clients proactively protect their customers and employees on site from high-risk situations that could jeopardize their health and safety.

Achieve the store of the future, today
Optimizing remarketing conversions
Optimizing remarketing conversions

Optimizing remarketing conversions

Meliá is a leading global hotel complex operator with a huge presence in South America and the Caribbean. They currently have over 370 open or opening hotels in more than 41 countries. They wanted to optimize their remarketing campaigns.

Metriplica (Beabloo’s online and offline consultancy department) implemented Audience Score to observe campaign evolution, examine how this solution influenced conversions, and define which users to target. Audience Score is based on statistical modeling and designed to take segmentation a step further by using analytics to solve some of the problems caused by classic segmentation and manual parameter definition. The results:

  • 354% ROAS (return on ad spending)
  • 654% increase in remarketing campaign conversions
  • 79% decrease in the customer acquisition cost

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