Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Established: 1998
Focus area: Intelligent manufacturing
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Mariner is on a mission to reduce manufacturers’ Cost of Quality with technology solutions that leverage IoT and Deep Learning AI to reduce defects, improve operational effectiveness, increase quality, and win competitive advantage for our customers. With fast time to value, we jumpstart and sustain manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 journeys with demonstrable and quick ROI.

Our Spyglass Visual Inspection (SVI) solution is in use on production lines globally and has in some cases DOUBLED production speeds while simultaneously reducing false calls on defect detection to less than 1%, while our Spyglass Assembly Verification (SAV) solution designed for high mix, low volume (HMLV) production lines can help manufacturers save hundreds of thousands of dollars per month in assembly errors on their highly-customized, high-value items.

We are Microsoft’s global IoT Partner of the Year for 2020 and an Intel IoT Solutions Alliance Member, leading the charge to apply well-known and well-liked Microsoft and Intel technologies to digital business strategies that help our customers gain competitive advantage and the upper hand in their fight to reduce defects and lower their costs of quality.

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Spyglass Visual Inspection

Intelligently minimize defects and reduce costs

By Mariner

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Fewer Defects, Faster Speed With Spyglass Visual Inspection

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