Headquarters: Charlotte, North Carolina
Established: 1998
Focus area: Intelligent manufacturing
About this partner


Mariner provides manufacturers with technology solutions that leverage IoT, AI and deep learning to improve operational effectiveness, increase quality and gain competitive advantage. We jump start and sustain manufacturers’ Industry 4.0 journey. Since our beginning in 1998, we have worked hard to positively affect the bottom line for customers we serve. Our holistic approach to business solutions means that we don’t just think in terms of today’s problem, technology or solution.

We develop pathways for an organization to continue to evolve based on sound technology, a firm understanding of the company’s short and long-term goals and an appreciation for the company’s culture. Our core purpose is “Insight to Achieve” for both our clients and our consultants. For our clients, we provide the insight to help them achieve their goals with business strategies and technologies. For our consultants, we help them achieve their individual goals by giving them the tools, training, experiences and life-work balance to achieve their professional and personal goals.

We are a Microsoft IoT Partner of the Year for 2020 winner and Intel Alliance Member, leading the charge to apply well-known and well-liked Microsoft and Intel technology to digital business strategies.

Monitoring factory performance on a tablet screen

Spyglass Connected Factory

Bring the power of AI to your factory floor

By Mariner

Mid aged Asian woman and caucasian man in factory

Spyglass Visual Inspection

Intelligently minimize defects and reduce costs

By Mariner



Fewer Defects, Faster Speed With Spyglass Visual Inspection