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With trends like digitalization, Industry 4.0, Smart City, and Data analytics , IOT technologies play an important part. Axians offer IOT services internationally. For us, the goal isn’t just a set of innovative technologies but the outcome for our customers and the generation of real value for them. Our decentralized model empowers people to nurture innovation at the local level, delivering products that can be subsequently deployed at a wider scale. Leveraging the diverse skills of our people and entities to design and roll out turnkey projects, from end-to-end.

Our goal is to make our offering available in all the territories where we operate. By serving our customers at the local level, we better understand their requirements and we are proactive in developing our business. We have a deep knowledge of each market, which is key in helping customers reach their goals.

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Real-time environmental ERP

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Take Control Over Your Carbon Footprint

Take Control Over Your Carbon Footprint

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Explore how GreenEdge Solution can help you accurately measure and report real-time carbon emissions