Build a connected future for your business with intelligent edge and cloud solutions

Give your business a boost with secure, flexible, and high-performing IoT solutions powered by Microsoft and Intel technologies. Put your valuable data to work to improve customer experiences, streamline operations, improve product quality and employee safety through pre-built, proven industry-specific solutions from trusted providers.

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Together, Intel and Microsoft are enabling intelligent solutions that provide turnkey solutions from edge to cloud, securely and reliably. View some of our featured solutions and explore over 30 intelligent solutions that can power your businesses reliably and affordably with Intel and Microsoft IoT joint solutions.

Intel and Microsoft joint IoT partners

Digitally transform your organization with Intel and Microsoft partner solutions. Our trusted and capable partners can support you with relevant IoT solutions that you can deploy quickly to power the future of your business.

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Gain a business advantage with the intelligent edge partner program

Gain a business advantage with the intelligent edge partner program

Intel and Microsoft are looking to showcase and promote IoT partners and their solutions that are built on Intel powered edge device hardware connected with Microsoft Azure IoT cloud services. The intelligent edge co-marketing partner program is helping raise awareness of joint partner solutions through a variety of co-marketing opportunities with partners, such as webinars, social media, events, and content marketing.

If your edge and cloud solution is built on Intel powered IoT edge devices and connected with Microsoft Azure IoT services and is deployed with two or more end customers, then you may be eligible to join the intelligent edge co-marketing program.

Market-ready IoT solution booklet

Market-ready IoT solution booklet

Revolutionize your business with high-performing, secure, and flexible IoT solutions from Intel and Microsoft. Use the intelligent edge and Azure cloud to create new insights with your data. Build better customer experiences and find new revenue streams with ready-to-deploy, industry-specific solutions.

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Market-ready IoT solution booklet

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Azure Certified Devices

Azure Certified Devices

The Azure Certified Device program is your one stop for easily differentiating, promoting, and finding IoT devices built to run on Azure. From intelligent cameras to connected sensors to edge infrastructure, learn how this enhanced IoT device certification program can help you save valuable time.

Keep up with the pace of innovation by exploring the Azure Certified Device program

Azure Certified Devices